Windhorst Perfectly Captures the Fans Let-Down

12 05 2010

Game Five was such a let down, it took the sports blog/forum/commenter world by storm. Everyone and their mother had written some sort of reactionary piece expressing their frustration with the Cavalier performance. Myself included.

Such hotheaded venting, combined with the audible boo’s from the home crowd, led many from outside of Cleveland to wonder:

You know about King James... Meet King Windy.

a) Are the Cavs fans spoiled? b) Is he not allowed one bad game? c) Have they turned on LeBron?

The answer to those, hopefully, are: a) No, you jerk. b) Of course he’s allowed to have a bad game and c) No. At least I hope not.

In a special to, Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain Dealer perfectly captures what is bothering Cavalier fans:

“Those numbers [LBJ’s Game 5 Statline] are not why James’ performances have been shocking. Is it his nonchalant attitude that mixes with tentative play when he is trying to make something happen? That is what will be remembered for years and what has thrown so many of his supporters off guard. Read the rest of this entry »