NFL Draft – Second and Third Round Players to Watch

23 04 2010

Heading into Day 2 of the 2010 NFL Draft the Browns are looking to capitalize given the four picks they will have to play with. Here are a couple of players the Browns should consider with the 38th pick overall.

  • Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas– With Kameron Wimbley being traded for a bag of balls the limited pressure the Browns put on the opposing quarterback last season got even weaker. The Browns can start him off only using Kindle on third downs (rushing the QB) until he learns Rob Ryan’s scheme.
  • Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida– Dunlap is very athletic and solid against the run. He would be groomed to take over the space that Robaire Smith and Kenyon Coleman currently handle on the d-line.
  • Colt McCoy, QB, Texas– People were talking about the Browns possibly trade back into the late first round to take Colt but once Clausen started to slip the Browns back off the table. Colt has the accuracy that Holmgren covets but this is still Mangini’s team and Tom Heckert is making the picks.
  • Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame – Mike Holmgren once admitted that he “wished he liked him more” and obviously decided to pass on the golden domer at the seventh pick. But while he may have been cold on Clausen in the first, he may warm up to the idea as a second round pick. Personally, I’m just glad they didn’t trade up into the 20’s to grab him. I don’t think I could have handled the deja-vu.
  • Daryl Washington, OLB, TCU– Early thoughts are that Fujita will be moved to the inside of the Browns line backing core which would still leave a whole at the OLB position. While he lacks good hands his speed and aggressiveness will make him a great addition to the defense.
  • Taylor Mays, S, USC– Stock has only slipped as the draft came closer and closer and now that it is here Mays is going to be taken somewhere in the second round. He has the body and the physical skill set but lacks the football IQ which is so important at the safety position.
  • Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame– Past the glimmer of hope shown by Mohamed Massaquoi, the Browns wide out position is wide open. Tate can be used as more than a wide out (a former running back) if the Browns do choose to go in that direction.
  • Nate Allen, S, South Florida– Allen could give the Browns more of a cover-safety angle with this pick. Allen could give the Brownies a solid young secondary that can be built on throughout the Holmgren-era.
  • Everson Griffen, DE, USC– While he lacks the ideal size for an end in a 3-4 defense, Griffen still seems to have a play-maker mentality and could make a difference in the DE/OLB rotation.
  • Some names to consider in the 3rd Round: Daminan Williams (WR, USC), Myron Lewis (S, Vand.), Brandon Spikes (ILB, Fla.), Alex Carrington (DE, Ark. St.), Eric Norwood (OLB, S. Car.)

Quick Thoughts:

  • Conventional wisdom says the Browns will take a young QB in this draft. Question is: Where? The Browns could take a highly touted guy in Clausen or McCoy. They could also opt to take stab at a late round guy and hope they strike gold — maybe a guy like John Skelton, a big (6’5″ 243lb) QB from Fordham University. I watched a YouTube video of him and the guy has got an absolute cannon; I also had some insider scoop from a Fordham alum that he’s a “weird dude, man. WEIRD dude.” So take that for what its worth.
  • Back to the subject of Clausen/McCoy. Clausen seems to unanimously have the higher grade among scouts. But I don’t care. Consider this one vote for McCoy.
  • McCoy is one of the winningest and most accurate QB’s in college football history. He holds the record of 45 wins in his collegiate career and had completion percentages of 76.7% and 70.6% during his junior and senior years! And after having to sit through frustrating years of Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson misfiring on simple slant routes, I’ve found that I now put accuracy at a premium.
  • Now I would like to see McCoy as the pick at #38, but I wouldn’t be disheartened if the Browns go another direction.
  • The way I look at it is this: Holmgren is considered a quarterback guru, and Heckert was involved in the selection of Kevin Kolb, which appears to have been a good pick — therefore if either take or pass on a quarterback within the first two rounds, it must be for good reason. So if they decide to pass on Colt, I’ll trust their judgment. And if they decide to take him, I’ll be excited for the potential they must see.
  • If they decide to go elsewhere, here are my votes that don’t count for anything: Sergio Kindle, Daryle Washington, Nate Allen, Everson Griffen, or one of the better offensive tackles available in Brown and Saffold.
  • What may stand out there is that I would prefer Nate Allen over Taylor Mays. That may be more of a knock on Mays than an endorsement for Allen. Sure Mays can run faster and jump higher than most of his peers, but according to most scouting reports he lacks “football instincts”, “coverage ability” and “ball skills.” Sorry, but if I’m picking a safety for my team, those are my top 3 priorities. But hey, if I’m picking an All-NFL Olympic Track team, then sign me up for the Mays camp.
  • Not-so-bold-prediction-I’m-predicting: The Browns will make at least two selections in the second round today. The Browns still have 9 picks and a ton of needs. The second round is often a GMs favorite round — you can still get great players, but without the financial ball and chain that comes with a first rounder. Don’t be surprised if they package some of their extra picks (they have three 3rd round picks) in order to make some moves today.

So who do you want to see the Browns get with their first pick in the second round?