Browns Analysis: An Open Letter to the RFAs skipping OTAs

21 05 2010

Dear Mr. Elam, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Roth & Mr. Vickers:

I was displeased to hear that you all have decided to skip the current Organized Team Activities currently underway in Berea. Mr. Roth, I was particularly irritated by you upon hearing of your recent trade request.

The question I have for you all is this: what are you expecting to gain from this no-show?

To Jerome and the other RFAs: think about what you're doing

All of your timing could not be worse. Eric Mangini, your coach who sees you play up close and everyday, has only been around for a year. But the guys who decide whether or not to deliver your paychecks — GM Tom Heckert and President Mike Holmgren — have yet to see you play!

What do you expect them to do? Roll over and commit to you long term financially when (a) they have yet to see you play football since they’ve joined the Browns organizion and (b) during an uncapped year when the effects of such long term commitment remains uncertain?

Such logic is less sound than a broken amplifier. Read the rest of this entry »