Sunday Night Speculation: A waiver consideration at every position

17 05 2010

(Note: Every Sunday, Dave will provide his fantasy baseball musings in “Sunday Night Speculation.” And yes, I’m aware that we just posted its inaugural article on Monday. So you can call it “Monday Musings” today if you would prefer.)

So many different emotions are expressed toward your fantasy teams on Mondays. If you are like me you usually have distain toward most players on your squad. This guy didn’t show up and that guy blew it- the accusations fly left and right. I won’t get into the depth at which I analyze all the available players early early every Monday morning but lets put it like this, fellas, if this were Fantasy Island I would be Ricardo Montalban.

1B – Aubrey Huff – SF –  4 HR/18 RBI/ .279 BA

First base has been a very deep position this year so chances are your team doesn’t need one but if you do Huff can prove to be solid enough to hold his own. Along with the numbers above he has 20 runs and has a low strikeout total- 18 (if your league plays with K’s). Only owned in 16% of Yahoo! leagues.

2B -Adam Kennedy – Wash. –  2 HR/12 RBI/ .245 BA

The numbers above may not impress but Kennedy gets my vote for pick up of the week. Not only is he eligible at 2B but at 1B and 3B as well. He is in the midst of a 9 game hit streak and, like times in ’09, you should get on board with Kennedy ASAP because this streak could end just as soon as it began. Only owned in 9% of Yahoo! leagues.

3B – David Freese – STL –  3 HR/ 22 RBI/ .306 BA

People continue to sleep on Freese’s production but unless you have a top 10 third baseman, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider him.  He is going to continue to see RBI chances while batting behind Holliday and Pujols so unless you are desperate for home runs, Freese should be your guy. Owned in 47% of Yahoo! Leagues. Read the rest of this entry »