NFL Draft – Browns Day 3 Analysis

24 04 2010

First things first, let’s take a look at the three players the Browns added today:

  • 5th Round, 160 overallLarry Asante, S, Nebraska – Another “in-the-box” safety. Like Ward, he’s said to have the hard hitting ability. He’s got good size (6’0 212 lbs) and athletic ability. Was a three year starter for the Cornhuskers, which is nice.
  • 6th Round, 177 overallCarlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida – Love this pick. He’s big (6’3″ 215 lbs), fast (4.49 40), and can catch the football. Not sure what the knock on him was. Most projections had him in the third.
  • 6th Round, 186 overallClifton Geathers, DE, South Carolina – Big (6’7″, 300) defensive end with pretty good strength that apparently has some character issues.

Now for some unprofessional commentary on Day 3 of the NFL Draft…

Quick Thoughts:

  • Hard to get too excited about anyone picked in these late rounds, but I was giddy about the selection of Carlton Mitchell. Reasons:
    • His name is Carlton. And his favorite show is “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Just kidding about that second part. But it definitely should be his favorite show.
    • As explained above, he is big and fast and can catch. What more can you need? Plus, he was compared to Brandon Marshall. Much better comparison than, say, Braylon Edwards. Must be the whole “catching” thing.
    • Apparently, when breaking down the Browns roster, the three headed monster of Holmgren/Heckert/Mangini concluded that the receiving corp lacked speed. Mitchell ran his 40 in the 4.4 range, which is speedy. And by all accounts, his strength is that of providing a vertical threat to a team. Yes, please.
    • In the twitter world, some of the former scouts/ESPN guys were tweeting about how they couldn’t believe he even fell to the 5th round and that some team would be getting a steal. I couldn’t believe Cleveland drafted a guy I was hoping they would. This never happens. Explains the giddiness.
    • Not saying he’s perfect, because I’m sure there is a reason he fell to the 6th round. Maybe he smells or something, I don’t know. But he’s got the potential to be a quality receiver for the Browns.
  • I’m not going to pretend I know anything more about Larry Asante than I read on But I do like that he’s a three year starter, I’ll say that.
  • As for Clifton Geathers, I’m guessing he has a terrible jump shot. Most of the time, athletic 6’7″ dudes just don’t choose football.
  • Seriously though with Geathers, apparently he was suspended for a couple of games for resisting arrest. Seemed pretty serious, and he had been red flagged by some teams for character issues. Since the three headed monster has taken over in Berea, they have put a premium on acquiring high character guys. So if they’re willing to roll the dice on this guy, they must have seen something intriguing. Oh yeah, he’s 6’7″. Duh.
  • As far as I know, there were no notable hot girlfriends among the day 3 draftees. Someone please prove me wrong. But as for hot girlfriends of day 2 draftees, Colt McCoy’s fiance, Rachel Glandorf, is the “LeBabe Of The Week.” Congratulations, Rachel.
  • Overall, I think the Browns had a pretty solid draft. They filled just about every need (CB, S, RB, QB, and WR). They failed to get help along the defensive front 7, but there is only so much you can address in one draft.
  • Of course, only time will tell how the Browns truly performed in this year’s draft. But for the time being, I’ll give GM Tom Heckert the benefit of the doubt. After all, as pointed out in this weeks “Stat Of The Week,” the Eagles either drafted or acquired 10 different pro bowl players while Heckert was the GM.

Some even more random thoughts regarding day 3:

  • I’m sick and tired of the Pittsburgh Steelers drafting Ohio State players. I would love to root for them in the NFL, but I’m not physically able to cheer them on in any way, shape, or form while they have on those hideous black and gold jerseys.
  • So for Thaddeus Gibson and Doug Worthington: I’m glad you were able to get drafted and are able to continue your NFL Dreams. I just hope that you find zero success until you find another team. Well, I guess you can have individual success on occasion. Just don’t win. Ever.
  • At the very least, don’t pull a Santonio Holmes and win a Super Bowl MVP with the Steelers and be lost to me forever.
  • Onto a less depressing subject: I would like to extend a congratulations to Myron Rolle for getting drafted by the Titans in the sixth round. Albeit later than he hoped, I’m glad he is given the opportunity because…
  • Myron Rolle may only be a couple months older than me, but I want to be like him when I grow up. The guy is a Rhodes Scholar, has charity foundations, successful youth weight loss programs, and plans to open a free health services clinic in the Bahamas. I, uh… just started a blog. Crap.
  • Late-Round-Guy-I’ll-Watch-In-Preseason-For-No-Good-Reason: John Skelton. I have no real connection to the Fordham QB… at all. I just looked him up one day because I saw he’s close to 6’6″ and 250 lbs. Enjoyed his YouTube clips, and pegged him as a late round guy I wanted the Browns to keep an eye on. Plus I guess he is a “weird dude, man. WEIRD dude,” according to a buddy of mine who is a Fordham Alum.
  • He ended up going to Arizona, and now I’m very eager to see if he’ll usurp Derek Anderson at any point in the next three years. This morning, I saw he did an ESPN Sport Science segment. Impressive physical dude. Check it out:

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It’s been a fun couple of days and I really appreciate all of the readers that have stopped by…

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– Sam