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1 06 2010

Check it out. Sorry its been awhile since we’ve had new content. I was busy having a pretty wild and super American weekend on Lake Cumberland. We’ll get stuff up this week.


Who Will Replace Mike Brown? 5 Coaching Candidates The Cavs Should Consider

24 05 2010

The Cavaliers fired Mike Brown last night. So who is going to replace him?

Conventional wisdom says they’ll go for a high-profile, well established head coach. I agree with the conventional wisdom. We already tried the “rising assistant” approach and failed.

Who will replace Mike Brown?

I know Mike Brown’s resume says he is the most successful head coach in Cavaliers history. But no other coach had LeBron James. The bottom line is that he won zero rings, made baffling in-game decisions in critical times and became a lightning rod for jokes to national sports writers such as Bill Simmons.

Regardless, as is with all break ups, the best thing to do is move forward and not look back. Waiting…1…2…3… Yup! I’m good with it. Time to move on.

Like all things this Cavaliers offseason, the coaching search will center around LeBron.

Here’s the Catch-22:

  • The Cavs want to hire a high-profile coaching candidate in order to help persuade LeBron to stay in Cleveland.
  • No high-profile coaching candidate is coming to Cleveland unless LeBron is for sure staying in Cleveland.

It’s a classic chicken-and-the-egg conundrum. For Cavaliers fans eagerly waiting, its a vicious circle.

Nonetheless, here are the five coaching candidates that the Cavs should consider: Read the rest of this entry »

“Of The Week” Updated

24 05 2010

Check it out.

Browns Analysis: An Open Letter to the RFAs skipping OTAs

21 05 2010

Dear Mr. Elam, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Roth & Mr. Vickers:

I was displeased to hear that you all have decided to skip the current Organized Team Activities currently underway in Berea. Mr. Roth, I was particularly irritated by you upon hearing of your recent trade request.

The question I have for you all is this: what are you expecting to gain from this no-show?

To Jerome and the other RFAs: think about what you're doing

All of your timing could not be worse. Eric Mangini, your coach who sees you play up close and everyday, has only been around for a year. But the guys who decide whether or not to deliver your paychecks — GM Tom Heckert and President Mike Holmgren — have yet to see you play!

What do you expect them to do? Roll over and commit to you long term financially when (a) they have yet to see you play football since they’ve joined the Browns organizion and (b) during an uncapped year when the effects of such long term commitment remains uncertain?

Such logic is less sound than a broken amplifier. Read the rest of this entry »

A Closer Look: Justin Masterson

21 05 2010

Time for another breakdown, the most enjoyable yet (which also means the longest). If you are looking for a quick read, put this on hold. But, when you are craving some baseball later today, load this guy up, sit down, concentrate, and enjoy yourself while you follow me through a jungle of ambiguity to a clearer view of Justin Masterson’s 2010 campaign.

Justin, how does your "xFIP" stack up?

This article begins with my boy Dave, the Super 7 Foundation’s 2010 ‘Best Young Chef’ award winner and fellow Lebrontourage columnist, asking me about Tribe starter Justin Masterson: “break him down Z. He K’s dudes but lets up too many hits. And, it’s like he doesn’t trust the fielders.” What’s Masterson’s deal, head case? Get ready for the most complicated statistics (mathematically and theoretically) we’ve used yet (I’ll ease them in) and let’s take a closer look.

Dave’s first observation is that Masterson “K’s dudes.” Indeed he does. At 9.63 K/9 he has the 9th highest rate of strike-outs for any starter in the bigs (min. 40 IP). Masterson is striking out over a batter an inning, which means strike-outs account for 1/3rd of the outs he gets. Thank God, because he isn’t getting many other guy’s out.

When guys aren’t striking out, most are getting on base. Masterson is allowing an average of 11.25 hits per 9 innings pitched (H/9). Which, confirms Dave’s 2nd observation- “dude let’s up too many hits.” Typically, you want your pitchers closer to 8 and hopefully more like 7 H/9. Read the rest of this entry »

A Closer Look: Austin Kearns

20 05 2010

One of the few points of optimism for the Cleveland Indians this year has been the play of Austin Kearns. Signed to a minor league contract, Kearns is making Shapiro look like a professional for the low risk/high reward signing. But, are we seeing Austin Kearns; or, is this just a flash in the pan? Let’s take a closer look.

If you combine Kearns’s 2003 and 2004 platoon abbreviated seasons as a young player in the bigs, his numbers from 2003-2007 give us four 450+ AB seasons of remarkably good data to compare his 2010 season to.

03-04: 146 GP, 24 HR, .247 AVG, .50 BB/K, 102 wRC+, .298 BABIP

05: 112 GP, 18 HR, .240 AVG, .45 BB/K, 107 wRC+, .281 BABIP

06: 150 GP, 24 HR, .264 AVG, .56 BB/K, 118 wRC+. .308 BABIP

07: 161 GP, 16 HR, .266 AVG, .67 BB/K, 107 wRC+, .299 BABIP

Making his average year something like: Read the rest of this entry »

What Is LeBron King Of? A Response To Cowlishaw

19 05 2010

I had to share this.

Last week, Tim Cowlishaw of The Dallas Morning News wrote an article slighting the Cavaliers superstar, posing the question: “What exactly is LeBron James the king of?”

It is undeniable that something was wrong with LeBron in Games Four, Five and Six. But to belittle his achievements in Cleveland over the past seven years seemed like an ignorant move from an oblivious columnist sitting behind a desk over 1,000 miles away.

In an email thread among some family members, my Uncle Von — originally from Ohio but now living in Texas — decided to weigh in. He gave his thoughts regarding LeBron’s perfomance and offered a resounding vindication of the nickname that has always been at the center of much ridicule: Read the rest of this entry »