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twitter: @lebrontourage

– sam: @twoth

– dave: @dakocab

location: cleveland


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25 04 2010

after reading tons of negative posts on browns’ site i found yours informative and quite funny (in a good way)….
i could never understand why pissed off browns fans just don’t go over to the black and gold side of life and at least be happy….
life just seems way too short to be so negative, especially when its all just someones’ opinion of someone elses’ opinion….

keep up the good (positive) work

24 04 2010

Thanks paul… much appreciated!

1 05 2010

Great site guys! If you are able to RSS just Cavs posts, I would love to add you to my blog section on Real Time News on my website,

Go over and check me out!

4 05 2010


Thanks! Your website is awesome and we’d love to be linked to there! We’ll put up a link to your site as well.
Sorry it took me awhile, I’m still kind of new to the whole website game. But I think I’ve got it:
Let me know if that works!


2 05 2010

hi sam, i think your website is really cool! I would really enjoy meeting up somewhere to have some coffee and discuss more about Lebrontourage. Thanks, hope to see you soon.

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