Movin’ on out

5 03 2011

If there is anyone out there still checking the site, we have moved!

New site: Ten Cent Beers.

It’s super awesome because I won’t have to change the domain name after any future decisions!


Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi

7 09 2010

Image test: My Fantasy football team name. This one beat out “Yellow Polka Dot Mangini” and, ironically, “No Punt Intended” by a hair.

Any other good fantasy team names out there? Particularly interested in Cleveland ones…

“Of The Week” Updated

1 06 2010

Check it out. Sorry its been awhile since we’ve had new content. I was busy having a pretty wild and super American weekend on Lake Cumberland. We’ll get stuff up this week.

“Of The Week” Updated

24 05 2010

Check it out.