Circus Ringleader: LeBron Analyses Out of Control

8 06 2010

The Clock of Doom that has been ticking inside Cavaliers fans’ heads for four years now is finally approaching its end—an end that seems terrifyingly closer now that the Cavs have yet again flopped out of the playoffs, Mike Brown has been fired, Danny Ferry has resigned, and Dan Gilbert has officially embarked on his expected warpath to find the next Cavaliers head coach.

All signs point to the Cavs’  front office preparing for a franchise apocalypse.

Add to all that the fact that nearly half the team’s roster (Mo Williams, Delonte West, Daniel Gibson, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Shaquille O’Neal, Jawad Williams, and that LeBron guy) is currently in limbo concerning the future status with the squad and Clevelanders’ patience and sanity are being shaved away bit by bit.

The nonstop barrage of anti-Cleveland sentiment (LeBron Photshopped into Knicks, Nets, Bulls and Heat uniforms, experts’ perceived chances of LBJ staying in Cleveland dwindling daily, etc.) seen, read, and heard in sports media isn’t helping people in Cleveland feel optimistic about the city’s basketball (and economic) future, either.

Yes, the Cavaliers’ season and foreseeable future hit an official tailspin after Game 5 of the Boston series.

And yes, the certifiable nationwide circus that began and snowballed since season’s end was certainly expected.

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2010 NBA Mock Draft: v1.0

18 05 2010

– Dan Delagrange

1) New Jersey Nets: John Wall, PG, Kentucky

The best and perhaps most complete NBA-ready talent available, Wall will undoubtedly be the first player selected next month.

Wall met and overcame the Himalayan hype surrounding him entering college and consistently torched the opposition using his incredible quickness, speed, basketball IQ, vision, and ability to get to the basket.

The hype will only continue at the next level as Wall has been described as one of the most talented prospects in the last 10 years. Learning the ropes under an accomplished point guard in Devin Harris and alongside rising big man Brook Lopez will certainly aid him in his ascent to what should be a very successful career in New Jersey.

2) Minnesota Timberwolves: Evan Turner, SG, Ohio State

Turner helped lead the Buckeyes all season despite suffering a scary vertebra injury in the middle of the year (from which he rebounded very quickly and saw virtually no dip in stats).

His ability to score, facilitate will add to a young, promising core of guards in Minnesota and his three years of experience at the college level may help ease the learning curve needed to develop into a capable backcourt player.

Turner’s rebounding ability—grew almost exponentially each season in Columbus (4.4 in ’07-’08, 7.1 in ’08-’09, 9.2 in ’09-’10)—even further distances him from other guards. He’s also a capable (36 percent this year) three-point shooter, so the T-Wolves would be incredibly hard-pressed to pass on the 2010 Player of the Year.

3) Sacramento Kings: Derrick Favors, PF, Georgia Tech

The Kings are desperate for some kind of backcourt depth, but after Wall and Turner, the guard field begins to get relatively thin. With not much help available in the frontcourt either, Favors gives Sacramento a significant boost in size, athleticism, and rebounding (even though the Kings did crack the top 10 in boards this season).

The Kings have been in neutral since coming just points away from making a Finals appearance in the early 2000s, but adding an athletic rarity such as Favors may finally get them on the path toward once again being competitive out west.

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