What is this?

Just a blog. From a couple of guys who love Cleveland and Cleveland sports. We also have too much time on our hands.

Why make a blog?

Why not?

Because it sounds lame.

Shut up.

Very mature..


So who writes on here anyways?

Sam – Born and raised in Cleveland Heights. Graduate from Saint Ann grade school, Saint Ignatius High School, and most recently The Ohio State University.

Dave – Also hailing from Cleveland Heights, he too is a Saint Ann alum. After graduating from Benedictine High School, Dave spent time at Ohio U. and Cleveland State. He now is in culinary school out in Portland.

Wait, didn’t you just add two more dudes?


Tony – Born and raised in Cleveland Heights as well. He attended Roxboro middle school and graduated from Saint Ignatius High School. Recently graduated from Saint Louis University, Tony is now in Thailand teaching English. Thousands of miles away, researching and writing about Cleveland sports makes him feel closer to home. His blog about Thailand, Riding Out The Economy, has actually been featured in the Plain Dealer and BBC for its coverage on the civil war going on over there.

Dan – The first West sider to write for the site, Dan also graduated from Saint Ignatius High School. He then went on to graduate from University of Dayton. Dan has the sense of humor and warped Cleveland mindset to fit in perfectly with lebrontourage. He is also a Cavs “Featured Columnist” for Bleacher Report.

So tell me why should I bother to read this site?

I honestly don’t have a valid reason. But if you enjoy amateur and mildly comical opinions concerning the world of sports, I suppose you may enjoy our commentary.

Fair enough.

So can we expect to see you back?



3 responses

25 04 2010
Mike Dangel

Thanks for a REAL CLEVELAND (ONLY) SPORTS WEBSITE. Tired of ESPN/FOX/SI/ –sites that will only talk about the CAVS and not allways in the positive sense. Carry-ON with the very good material and true home tome sports writting.

Spike Dangel

26 04 2010

Thanks Mike/Spike. We’ll keep ’em coming.

9 05 2010

Sam, Get a job!

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