Ferry Ships Out Of Town: Cleveland GM Resigns, and its affect on the Cavs

7 06 2010

With the resignation of Danny Ferry this afternoon, the future of the Cavs is thrown into an even deeper uncertainty.

To make an irrelevant YouTube clip relevant, check out this clip:

I think this kind of sums up the Cavaliers off-season right now. It’s utter chaos. The two teetor-totters are like the Coach Search and the GM Search. What makes it all go is the bull, which in this case is obviously LeBron James. Dan Gilbert is like the owner of the rodeo — he makes more money if the bull has its way and comes back for more next week.

Did that make any sense? I swear it did in my head.

Moving on, here are all the questions I’m asking myself after Danny Ferry’s resignation:

  • Why did this happen? I liked Danny Ferry.

    • Does he think we have no shot at signing LeBron and was he afraid of the challenge? Was he that peeved about the firing of Mike Brown? I don’t know if we’ll ever find the real answers to those, but I doubt either of those were why he left.
    • I think this happened because of a disagreement over preferred coaching candidates. Ferry would have liked to keep Mike Brown, or get someone with good NBA experience. Gilbert wanted Tom Izzo. Ferry disagreed with the choice. Ferry resigned.
  • Who is in charge now?
    • Chris Grant.
  • Will he be in the future?
    • For now, at least.
    • Doesn’t sound like too big of a scrub though. He’s had 15 years experience in the NBA and actually turned down the Atlanta Hawks GM position in 2008.
    • Having said that, I don’t think Gilbert passes on a big name with more experience if he becomes available.
  • Who can we expect to replace him?
    • No idea. You?
  • None. So is this a positive move in terms of keeping LeBron? Be honest.
    • I’m not so sure.
    • I think LeBron liked Ferry. And Ferry had the savvy and connections to pull off some heists — Mo Williams, Shaq, Antawn Jamison. Say what you want about how they all turned out, but each time he gave up little to nothing for each player. Each trade upgraded the Cavs roster and appealed to LeBron.
    • On the other hand, they may have looked good at the time, but now, we’re strapped with some pretty big contracts for some pretty big no-shows come post season.
    • Having said all that, after the Celtic series debacle, I think change can be good. Izzo would be a strong coaching candidate and I’d be fine with Grant as GM, but would look to see what else is out there.



One response

29 06 2010

All right! I found your blog thru Cleveland.com links. You are the man.

Hope your job continues to go well and it was great to see you at Janay’s wedding.


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