Terrifyingly Troubling Tribe: I’m About To “Pull A Drennan”

2 06 2010

I think I’m close.

You know the mental state you have to be in to break down like Bruce Drennan did?

Jason Donald beating out an infield single to break up a no-hit bid in the top of the 9th inning.

I’m close.

I just sat at the bar and watched the Indians come oh so close to being no hit, nay pitched perfectly against. Armando Galarraga almost found himself in the company of Ubaldo Jimenez, Dallas Braden, and Roy Halladay – all whom have thrown no hitters this season (Braden and Halladay’s were perfect games).

If it weren’t for Jason Donald’s infield single(!) in the top of the 9th, the Tribe would have been on the opening segment of Sports Center. And when I say infield single what I mean is botched call by the umpire. Instead the opening of Sports Center will probably be something about the Flyers winning (they are at the moment). How am I expected to make friends in a new city when I ask them to meet me at the bar that has the MLB package and watch the Tribe game? I would feel better asking these people I barely know for money instead of trying to make friends with them while watching some of the worst offense professional baseball has to offer.

  • Fausto Carmona couldn’t have pitched much better than he did tonight. It was the kind of outing that the Indians need to have to compete with Detroit. The Tigers lineup is tough though. Austin Jackson got on base, Miguel Cabrera and the reborn Magglio Ordonez drove in the runs. Sure, there was a little help from Boesch and Damon but you get the point. That’s how Detroit’s offense is going to play you, even when you’re pitching is at it’s best. Galarraga is a pitcher who had a rough ’09 season though (posting a 5.64 ERA), so we  should have seen some fire out of the Indians offense. Instead we didn’t see a hit until the last minute, when it didn’t even matter. After losing his last three consecutive starts it would have been nice to get Fausto (our ace) some run support and take this series from the Tigers on the road.
  • Galarraga was also only a couple appearances off the Disabled List coming into this game- it would have been a great game for the Indians to go out and win to try and gain some momentum, win some games. Has the organization given up? I know Many Acta hasn’t (despite the feelings of one of my fellow writers on this staff). I’m not saying the players have either. I’ve been told smart business men don’t hold on to investments that lose money. So either Paul Dolan is an idiot (possibility) or he isn’t bleeding money like he says the team is. We know he isn’t ready to sink any more back into the team either. Especially after saying most of the money lost came from down revenues at the ball park. No one showed up to the games because when Shapiro was in place and the team didn’t overspend on any players to actually win games. Dolan still must have been making money to still be holding onto the team. Now Shapiro 2.0 is in place, Chris Antonetti, and we are just going to keep seeing the same bargain bin mentality that has plagued this team since 2001 when Shapiro took over as GM. If Dolan wanted to win games Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez would still be in Cleveland. Very quickly I came up with a little letter from The Fellas (as Reghi would call us):

Paul Dolan,

Please sell the Cleveland Indians to someone else. Anyone else. And Remember to bring it strong!

~ The Few Indians Fans left.

  • I wonder if Dan Gilbert will have any cash left over after the LeBron sweepstakes…



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