What Is LeBron King Of? A Response To Cowlishaw

19 05 2010

I had to share this.

Last week, Tim Cowlishaw of The Dallas Morning News wrote an article slighting the Cavaliers superstar, posing the question: “What exactly is LeBron James the king of?”

It is undeniable that something was wrong with LeBron in Games Four, Five and Six. But to belittle his achievements in Cleveland over the past seven years seemed like an ignorant move from an oblivious columnist sitting behind a desk over 1,000 miles away.

In an email thread among some family members, my Uncle Von — originally from Ohio but now living in Texas — decided to weigh in. He gave his thoughts regarding LeBron’s perfomance and offered a resounding vindication of the nickname that has always been at the center of much ridicule:

Ault’s analysis, echoing Adam’s/et alia conjecture, [that something was wrong with LeBron at the end of that series] rings true for me. Subjective speculation notwithstanding, it was manifestly evident THE MAN was off his game. The most telltale sign for me was that window on the soul, the eyes. Jackson Browne’s ditty “Running on Empty” comes to mind: “looking into his eyes, I see he’s runnin’ too…(on empty)”. Since this was so contradictory to the very essence of his nature – a relentless competitive tenacity – we are all left to guess as to the causation of the disconnect. Was it physiological, psychological, emotional – or, as is true for all homo sapien sapiens – a confluence of all of the above??? Anyone who has seen the HBO documentary on the first Lebron led playoff series triumph, over the Wizards (2006?), knows unequivocally the “I will not be denied” spirit is his absolute raison d’etre, pure and simple…but like Tiger’s eyes post crash and burn, that fire of intensity was merely flickering – the King reduced to a mere mortal…

As to that dumbass scribe in Dallas, who probably couldn’t hit the ocean with a beachball and believes Jacque Strappe was the most famous athlete in France, he defaults to the tack of the infertile mind; knowing full well that fan is short for FANATIC, the hallmark of the uninspired is to attack, substituting a rise from the fanatics for intelligent discourse: “King of what”??? What the hell was Elvis the king of, you dimwitted numbskull? So a bit of historical edification is in order.

We all know of King James as the sponsor of the most widely disseminated biblical translation on earth, an appeasement to his Puritan constituents displeased with earlier attempts. Lesser known is his two books published in 1597-1598, “Basilikon Doron (Royal Gift)” and “Trew Law”. He postulated the concept of the “divine right of kings” as biblically supported, and stated “kings are higher beings than other men”…What could be a more fitting title for LBJ, not even taking into consideration his imposing vertical leap? He is a quantum quirk of evolution, blessed with physical and mental attributes that distinguish him from other men! And his crown and ordination will be shortcoming, hopefully blessing his beloved Cleveland with the championship it so justly deserves, and establishing him forever in the pantheon of Lake Erie Icons, like Otto Graham, Bob Feller, and Jim Brown, all former kings among mortals..

Aside from the fact that I needed a dictionary widget for half of those words, I loved this retort to Cowlishaw. I think my Uncle Von hit the nail on the head.

I have no idea if LeBron will stay or go. I also have no idea what happened at the end of that Boston series. But for these first seven years (+ 1.5 playoff series), LeBron has been a King in the city of Cleveland.

It was a title we as fans entrusted to him, and a crown he wore to the best of his abilities (- 0.5 playoff series).




3 responses

20 05 2010
Frank Niezgoda


Way cool my friend! I forwarded your e-mail to Tim Cloinshaw of the Dallas Morning News. I’m hoping he will respond. If he does will send out.

Uncle Frank.

20 05 2010

Imagine if LeBron, instead of Koby Bryant, had the following:

Gasol instead of retardo Z or “can’t shoot from 2 foot Shaq”
Bynum instead of “spread the defense” (lol) Jamison
Odom instead of Parker
Fisher instead “can’t flow in the playoffs” Mo Williams
A coach like Jackson instead of imbicile horse teeth Brown

Don’t blame LeBron. The mistake on the lake will always be just that.

20 05 2010

We’re not blaming LeBron. I think that was the point of the article. Everyone has to admit something was off his game at the end of that series. But he still has given Cleveland everything he’s got.
I’m happy for it, and I wish we hadn’t wasted his good years on Mike Brown as a coach. Or a series of additions and trades that were more of a series of band-aids or duct tape. But again, that is partly for LeBron to blame since he has been so reluctant to give a full endorsement to the Cavs.

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