LeBron Touring Chicago Suburbs? Expect this kind of thing.

19 05 2010

This morning on Tony Rizzo (“The Really Big Show” on ESPN 850), it was brought up that the LeBron and his “team” were touring Chicago suburbs today.

Am I upset? Meh.

Am I surprised? Not really.

Did I expect this? Absolutely.

I refuse to read too much into whatever LeBron does over the next two months. He’s going to milk this free agency attention for all its worth.

He may be checking out houses in Chicago suburbs this week. But next week he’ll be rumored to be checking out downtown Manhattan penthouses. The week after? The Jersey Shore. After that? His entourage will be spotted in Miami checking out mansions on Star Island.

LeBron has never really been recruited. He came straight from high school to the NBA. Sure, he got letters from college teams, but they knew he was the consensus #1 pick so he never received their full pitch.

This summer, LeBron has the chance to become the most heavily recruited athlete of all time.

He will get wooed not just by GMs or NBA coaches. He will receive the adoration of entire cities. He will get videos like this. Even the United States President will make a pitch!

And LeBron will love it.

I’ll say it again, he will milk this thing for all its worth. The talk on my free agency has died a bit… want to go to Chicago? Stir some shit up?

LeBron may or may not even actually be in Chicago right now.

Just don’t be surprised that the rumor is out there.




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