Cavs – Round One in Review – Cavaliers a little too cavalier

28 04 2010

Last night the Cavs beat the Bulls in Game 5 to win the series 4-1. That’s a good thing.

Then why do I feel so unsettled?

LeBron promised everyone that they would see “a different monster” come playoff time. Or as I like to consider it, he pulled a Liam Neeson and vowed to “Release The Kraken.”

I think we caught a glimpse of the Kraken in Games 1 and 4. But in each of those games, the team had an unusual burst of energy. Game 1 was the first game of the playoffs, so they were obviously going to be amped. In Game 4, I think they were still pissed off from the Game 3 loss that served as a wake-up call.

But in Game 5, the Cavs rolled over and smacked the “snooze” button to that alarm.

They started off strong but failed to close the game out. I was fortunate enough to attend the game last night, and I can’t tell you how many times I thought we had a comfortable-15-point-ish lead when we were really only up by 3 or 5. I made the mistake based off of the overall lack of concern of those on the court and all the smiles and joking around coming from the bench. Yes, the Cavaliers were just a little too cavalier for my taste last night.

This cavalier attitude can probably be simply explained by the fact that the Cavs knew they were superior than the Bulls and knew they didn’t have to play 100% in order to get the victory, especially at home. Obviously, I wouldn’t be happy if this were the case. When all it takes is 16 wins in the post season to get a championship, I want the Cavs to focused for all of them. All it takes is one slip up to turn a series — and all it takes is Game 1 of last year’s conference finals to find a perfect example.

Jesus Shuttlesworth, #20, Boston Celtics

They were able to let it slide in the first round against the lowest overall seed in the playoffs. Maybe they’ll even be able to coast just a little bit in the second round, but I wouldn’t risk it.

Boston can be dangerous, make no mistake about it. This team is built for the playoffs and has a ton of veteran leadership — who won’t let their team take it easy for a playoff game.

And if that doesn’t scare you, they still have Jesus Shuttlesworth.

But if they want to beat Orlando and win an NBA Championship. They have to treat each game like they did in Game 1 or Game 4.

Every game, they need to bring the Kraken.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Mo Williams needs to step it up. Last year, he dominated in the regular season and struggled in the post season, particularly against Orlando. And on a team where he was the number 2 guy, the team couldn’t recover.
  • This year, either Mo, Antawn, or Shaq can be the go-to guy after LeBron. That takes a lot of pressure off of Mo… But the Cavs still need their starting point guard playing better than he did last night.
  • I’m not sure if it looked this way on the telecast, but inside the Q, Mo looked tentative. There were multiple times I remember him getting the ball and never looking to create, instead, he just looked to make the easy pass and not screw up. That needs to change.
  • On the flip side, Antawn Jamison had his coming out party last night. Ever since the trade, I had the feeling that Jamison has been a little nervous. He was “the man” on a team going nowhere with no pressure. Then overnight he was the “final piece” for a championship run in a city hopelessly desperate for a championship. This pressure and nerves resulted in some pretty timid play at first — none more obvious than his horrific 0-12 debut with the Cavs.
  • Don’t get me wrong, after his timid start, Jamison began to come out of his shell and play the type of basketball we had all envisioned. But none of his big statistical games came in any “big” games.
  • Last night, he was the player of the game in a clinching playoff game. He had his patented awkward midrange floater on point and he stepped into 3’s with confidence. He wasn’t afraid to create his own shot when LeBron was on the court. He came into his own.
  • LeBron’s elbow is something that could make me lose my sleep. But LeBron says not too worry about it, Brian Windhorst says not to worry about it, team doctors say not too worry about it, and Lebron’s elbow says not to worry about it. So I’m not going to worry about it. Plus, he shot his one free throw righty and nothing about that shot seemed funky.
  • Personally, I think he just wanted to shoot a free throw lefty for a cool little blip on his career highlight reel and needed an excuse to do it. Sort of like how Michael Jordan has the “eyes closed” foul shot, LeBron would have had a “lefty-free-throw-to-put-the-dagger-in-the-Bulls-in-the-playoffs-when-his-right-arm-was-hurt” foul shot. Classic.
  • Wait. Back track. Did you say LeBron’s Elbow said not too worry about it? Oh yeah. Making an early run at “Tweet Of The Week“, a fan came up with the twitter account @LebronsElbow and has left some pretty funny messages to Cleveland:
    • “Please tell the Cavalier nation I am fine. LeBron is sleeping and I’m playing Call of Duty. I will be ready for Boston.”@LeBronsElbow

      There's no question. The Questions were Sam's favorite basketball shoes in gradeschool.

  • Back to random thoughts.
  • Derrick Rose is filthy. He is going to be dominant in this league if his jumper continuesto improve at the rate it has. I didn’t fully appreciate how quick the guy was until I saw him in person last night. Last time I saw a crossover that quick, I bought Allen Iverson’s shoes for three basketball seasons in a row.
  • There is nobody in the NBA that I’d rather kidney punch than Joakim Noah. That’s all I’ll say about that.

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NBA – Cavs Game 3 Loss Was a Much Needed Wake-up Call

26 04 2010

I know what a lot of you might be thinking: “Game 4 was yesterday, why are you writing about Game 3 now, four days later?”

Answer: about 10%  can probably be accounted to laziness, while the other 90% can be explained by my utter fear of jinxing the Cavaliers come playoff time.

It may sound sacrilegious at first, but part of me was glad they lost in game 3. They needed a wake up call:

The Cavaliers are going to win this series. I thought that Derrick Rose might be able to win a game on his own in Chicago if the Cavs took them lightly. And in Game 3, that’s exactly what happened. But it is also exactly what the Cavs needed in order to achieve their ultimate goal: winning a championship.

In the 08-09 season, the Cavs had won an impressive 66 games and secured the first overall seed. And because they had only lost two games at home all year — one of them being the last game of the season with the back ups playing — clinching home court advantage seemed to be all they needed to finally bring a championship home to Cleveland.

As we unfortunately know all too well, that did not happen.

After cruising to 66 wins in the regular season, the Cavs cruised to a perfect 8-0 start in the post season. There was talk if they could be the first team to go 16-0 en route to a championship. I was never anywhere inside the Cavs locker room, but I’d be willing to bet my Shawn Kemp jersey that there was an aura of invincibility there heading into the Magic series.

And what happened? The Cavs lost the opening game by one, which cost them the home court advantage they had fought so hard to secure. They played on their heels the rest of the time and lost the series in Orlando in game 6.

While Cleveland may not have won 66 games in 2010, this Cavs team is better than last year. We traded a Sasha Pavlovic/Ben Wallace tandem for Shaquille O’Neal. And then midseason, we acquired Antawn Jamison for a first round pick (that would be sure to be playing in Europe this time next year) and a free 30 day vacation to Washington D.C. for Zydrunas Ilgauskas. As a result, we added veteran leadership, size, and scoring options to our front court, which was our weakest area last year.

I hope GMs Steve Kerr and  Ernie Grunfeld got my fruit baskets in the mail expressing my sincerest thanks.

Now back to the topic at hand.

The Cavs should win a championship this year. They have some of the best depth in the league and they have the best player in the world, LeBron James. It is a talented, veteran crew. And their “best” is better than anyone else’s “best.”

But a championship will only come if they refuse to take an opponent lightly and play the inspired defense they’re capable of playing.

In Game 3, they acted as if it was a game between the top overall seed and the lowest overall seed and tried to coast. They played passive defense and relied too heavily on the outside jumper. It resulted in the Cavs getting outplayed and the final scoreboard reflecting it. And I’m glad it happened.

In Game 4, you could tell they woke up. They splashed some water on their faces, came out and made a statement to the Bulls: “We’re better than you. You can’t score on us if we don’t want you to. Now watch us prove it.”

And I’m really glad that happened.

A Fantasy Spin on the Indians’ Pitching Staff

26 04 2010

If you play fantasy baseball like I do (always contending for the Waiver Move Crown) then you are always looking for a hidden gem pitcher to stash at the bottom of your bench. These guys are always two stat monsters that, if given the right conditions, could deliver a Sunday start that wins you that week. If this is the case with your team then look no further then the Cleveland Indians and their pitching staff of waiver warriors:

  • Justin Masterson, SP– Before getting torched for seven runs in four innings yesterday (4/25) by the Oakland Athletics, Masterson bolstered 20 strikeouts through 15 innings. If you are looking for cheap Ks in a Roto-league or need a boost in the K category late in the week, Masterson should be atop you ‘watch list’.
  • Fausto Carmona, SP– Though his strike out numbers aren’t anywhere near Masterson’s, he is the winning-most pitcher on the Indians staff right now with 3 wins and has an ERA cruising around 2.95. Control has always been Fausto’s issue and as long as he is striking out more people then he is walking (12:6 in his last 3 starts) he should be a safe play for 6+ innings without blowing up your ERA for the week.
  • Mitch Talbot, SP– I’m not saying that Talbot is pick-up worthy right now but he is coming off of back-to-back starts in which he went the distance against the White Sox with no walks and a two hit effort through six innings in a win over the Twins. If he can keep getting run support in his starts, Talbot can be a solid fantasy option around the All Star break.
  • Chris Perez, RP– Kerry Wood still doesn’t have a time table set for his return so Chris Perez is still the man who gets the ball in the ninth. While control will always be an issue with Perez, he has not given up a run in his last five appearances and is looking very strong against the Tribe’s divisional rival: the Chicago White Sox- who Perez has picked up all 4 of his saves against (3.2 innings pitched, 3:1 K/BB).
  • Jensen Lewis, RP– Depending on the number of statistical categories you play with in your league, Jensen Lewis probably doesn’t even land on your radar, but if you are like me random relievers can impact the outcome of your week. Middle relievers have been lost in the fantasy world but they can contribute to your Holds and K/BB categories if you play with them. With a line of-  7.2 IP/2 W/1.17 ERA/ 2.33 K/BB- Lewis is becoming the go-to reliever when the Indians have a lead.

Now I’d like to take a break from the fantasy world for a minute to discuss something that is shouting out to me from the Indians 8-10 record so far this year:

  • I know it is as aparent to Many Acta as it is to us in Tribe nation, Shin-Soo Choo sets the pace for the Tribe offense.
  • Choo’s on base numbers directly correlate with their wins and losses so far this season. Choo has had 13 of his 18 strikeouts in Tribe losses and has 9 of his 13 walks is Tribe victories.
  • He is leading the team with a .313 batting average, 4 homeruns and 13 runs batted in so its hard to ask for more from him at this point but it seems that with the rise and fall of Shin-Soo Choo will directly correlate with the rise and fall of the Indians offense and the Indians in general.

– Dave

NFL Draft – Browns Day 3 Analysis

24 04 2010

First things first, let’s take a look at the three players the Browns added today:

  • 5th Round, 160 overallLarry Asante, S, Nebraska – Another “in-the-box” safety. Like Ward, he’s said to have the hard hitting ability. He’s got good size (6’0 212 lbs) and athletic ability. Was a three year starter for the Cornhuskers, which is nice.
  • 6th Round, 177 overallCarlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida – Love this pick. He’s big (6’3″ 215 lbs), fast (4.49 40), and can catch the football. Not sure what the knock on him was. Most projections had him in the third.
  • 6th Round, 186 overallClifton Geathers, DE, South Carolina – Big (6’7″, 300) defensive end with pretty good strength that apparently has some character issues.

Now for some unprofessional commentary on Day 3 of the NFL Draft…

Quick Thoughts:

  • Hard to get too excited about anyone picked in these late rounds, but I was giddy about the selection of Carlton Mitchell. Reasons:
    • His name is Carlton. And his favorite show is “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Just kidding about that second part. But it definitely should be his favorite show.
    • As explained above, he is big and fast and can catch. What more can you need? Plus, he was compared to Brandon Marshall. Much better comparison than, say, Braylon Edwards. Must be the whole “catching” thing.
    • Apparently, when breaking down the Browns roster, the three headed monster of Holmgren/Heckert/Mangini concluded that the receiving corp lacked speed. Mitchell ran his 40 in the 4.4 range, which is speedy. And by all accounts, his strength is that of providing a vertical threat to a team. Yes, please.
    • In the twitter world, some of the former scouts/ESPN guys were tweeting about how they couldn’t believe he even fell to the 5th round and that some team would be getting a steal. I couldn’t believe Cleveland drafted a guy I was hoping they would. This never happens. Explains the giddiness.
    • Not saying he’s perfect, because I’m sure there is a reason he fell to the 6th round. Maybe he smells or something, I don’t know. But he’s got the potential to be a quality receiver for the Browns.
  • I’m not going to pretend I know anything more about Larry Asante than I read on But I do like that he’s a three year starter, I’ll say that.
  • As for Clifton Geathers, I’m guessing he has a terrible jump shot. Most of the time, athletic 6’7″ dudes just don’t choose football.
  • Seriously though with Geathers, apparently he was suspended for a couple of games for resisting arrest. Seemed pretty serious, and he had been red flagged by some teams for character issues. Since the three headed monster has taken over in Berea, they have put a premium on acquiring high character guys. So if they’re willing to roll the dice on this guy, they must have seen something intriguing. Oh yeah, he’s 6’7″. Duh.
  • As far as I know, there were no notable hot girlfriends among the day 3 draftees. Someone please prove me wrong. But as for hot girlfriends of day 2 draftees, Colt McCoy’s fiance, Rachel Glandorf, is the “LeBabe Of The Week.” Congratulations, Rachel.
  • Overall, I think the Browns had a pretty solid draft. They filled just about every need (CB, S, RB, QB, and WR). They failed to get help along the defensive front 7, but there is only so much you can address in one draft.
  • Of course, only time will tell how the Browns truly performed in this year’s draft. But for the time being, I’ll give GM Tom Heckert the benefit of the doubt. After all, as pointed out in this weeks “Stat Of The Week,” the Eagles either drafted or acquired 10 different pro bowl players while Heckert was the GM.

Some even more random thoughts regarding day 3:

  • I’m sick and tired of the Pittsburgh Steelers drafting Ohio State players. I would love to root for them in the NFL, but I’m not physically able to cheer them on in any way, shape, or form while they have on those hideous black and gold jerseys.
  • So for Thaddeus Gibson and Doug Worthington: I’m glad you were able to get drafted and are able to continue your NFL Dreams. I just hope that you find zero success until you find another team. Well, I guess you can have individual success on occasion. Just don’t win. Ever.
  • At the very least, don’t pull a Santonio Holmes and win a Super Bowl MVP with the Steelers and be lost to me forever.
  • Onto a less depressing subject: I would like to extend a congratulations to Myron Rolle for getting drafted by the Titans in the sixth round. Albeit later than he hoped, I’m glad he is given the opportunity because…
  • Myron Rolle may only be a couple months older than me, but I want to be like him when I grow up. The guy is a Rhodes Scholar, has charity foundations, successful youth weight loss programs, and plans to open a free health services clinic in the Bahamas. I, uh… just started a blog. Crap.
  • Late-Round-Guy-I’ll-Watch-In-Preseason-For-No-Good-Reason: John Skelton. I have no real connection to the Fordham QB… at all. I just looked him up one day because I saw he’s close to 6’6″ and 250 lbs. Enjoyed his YouTube clips, and pegged him as a late round guy I wanted the Browns to keep an eye on. Plus I guess he is a “weird dude, man. WEIRD dude,” according to a buddy of mine who is a Fordham Alum.
  • He ended up going to Arizona, and now I’m very eager to see if he’ll usurp Derek Anderson at any point in the next three years. This morning, I saw he did an ESPN Sport Science segment. Impressive physical dude. Check it out:

What overall grade did you give the Browns 2010 Draft Class? Visit the “Poll Of The Week” to cast your vote!

It’s been a fun couple of days and I really appreciate all of the readers that have stopped by…

Leave some comments and hope to see you all back for more amateur and mildly comical insight on the Cavs and NBA Playoffs!

– Sam

“Of The Week” Updated

24 04 2010

Check out the “Of The Week” page for some updated stuff.

NFL Draft – Browns Second Day Analysis

24 04 2010

So the Browns filled a couple of needs and grabbed the headlines with their second to last pick. Here are some quick thoughts…

Quick Thoughts:

  • It’s funny how big of a low –> high this day went for most Browns fans.
  • The day started with the Browns sitting pretty at #38… several big names still available when we picked: Sergio Kindle, Daryl Washington, Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy, etc. etc. They even had Jim Brown come out to announce the pick! This had to be a big deal right? And the Browns select… T.J. Ward? Umm… let me check my draft book.
  • Now I had heard the name before — him and Nate Allen were two names at safety that I had read about being rated ahead of Taylor Mays by most teams. But I really didn’t have that great of a clue of who he was. I knew he went to Oregon, and that might have been the biggest reason I wasn’t overly excited about the pick. Not that I have anything against Oregon or anything, they seem to have a great program, very loud jerseys, running backs that throw mean left hooks, and a QB that’s just OK at stealing laptops.
  • Seriously though, I have nothing against Oregon. The only reason that fact didn’t bode well with me is that I went to the Ohio State-Oregon Rose Bowl game this past January — and I remember just about everything from that night. I just don’t remember an Oregon safety making any impact plays. Not a good sign.
  • Also not a good sign: history of knee injuries and sitting out 6 games last year due to a bum ankle. Although I think he deserves major props for battling through his one major knee injury. The dude tore his patella tendon! That’s what knocked former Browns Gary Baxter and LeCharles Bentley into retirement. This guy not only recovered from it, he returned to form and played some damn good football in the Pac-10 for three seasons. That’s pretty tough.
  • So as I grew increasingly frustrated about the fact the Browns drafted someone I had to look up while I watch the Baltimore Ravens select collegiate studs Sergio Kindle and Terrence Cody, there seemed to be a glimmer of hope with the Browns trading back up into the 2nd round. Everyone I watched the draft with stood up from their chairs in excitement because it had to be a big name right?! And the Browns select Montario Hardesty? … Where’d I put that draft book again?
  • I will say this about Hardesty: he had a pretty impressive 15 second highlight reel on ESPN’s draft coverage – for whatever that’s worth. Seems big, powerful, shifty enough to shed some tacklers. Rushed for over 1,300 yards last year, so I’m sure the guy is no slouch. But again, a history with knee injuries? I started getting the sense that Holmgren and Heckert were getting cocky by ignoring the horrible luck we’ve had with injuries.
  • But then again, Courtney Brown didn’t miss a game when he was at Penn State, so maybe Holmgren and Heckert felt these guys already had their turn of bad luck. Sort of like the reasoning behind not getting struck by lightning twice. Yeah. That’s the way I’ll spin it.
  • Before moving on, I’ve got one more gripe to rant aimlessly about: I’m sick and tired of the new Browns regimes getting tooled on draft day by the organizations they came from. Allow me to elaborate:
    • Phil Savage came from the Ravens. In 2006, the Browns had the 12th overall pick while the Baltimore Ravens held the 13th selection. We needed help along the defensive line badly. My dream guy was Haloti Ngata – but him falling to the Browns seemed to be nothing more than an ill conceived dream of mine. Yet lo and behold, he falls right into our laps. I do a little jig around my dorm room, excited to grab this stud. Then to my utter dismay, I see that beautiful orange helmet at the bottom of the screen switch to a ravens logo. The Ravens took Ngata and he looks like he’s well on his way to becoming a perennial pro-bowl player. We took Wimbley, and he is now an Oakland Raider. What did we get for this little swap? A 6th round pick — which turned out to be DT Babatunde Oshinowo, who I’m sure is at some sort of Ponderosa Steakhouse as I type this. We got tooled.
    • Eric Mangini came from the Jets. In the 2009 Draft, we held a coveted 5th overall selection. The NY Jets had the 17th overall pick. The Browns struck a deal to move down for  something like a third along with Brett Rhatliff, Kenyon Coleman and Abe Elam. Now, I was all for the idea of trading down – but you’re telling me we couldn’t do better than the NY Jets pu pu platter they offered? Tooled.
    • Tom Heckert came from the Eagles. In order to move up 12 spots into the end of the second round, the Browns give the Eagles their highest third, along with two of their fifth round picks. Now I know it followed the draft value chart fairly well, but just earlier in this draft the 49ers moved up two spots in the first round and only gave up one 4th. And does anyone else thing Hardesty would have been gone within those twelve picks? I don’t know, it just seemed like Andy Reid got the better of Heckert in that situation. Savage was the worst example, but its still a former team getting the upper hand on a new Browns regime.
  • Back to the draft. After the Browns made their trade to get back into the second, I thought for sure it was for Colt McCoy. They didn’t. This is when I came to accept that the Browns just weren’t taking America’s hero today. And I wouldn’t get to see his girlfriend on a regular basis — truly the most disheartening subplot when you get down to it.
  • So when draft rolled around to the 85th overall pick, I really expected to hear Roger Goodell to read some other name that would make me bust out my draft book. What’s that? Is that Mack Brown? No way. Way! Browns take Colt McCoy – and the heavy favorite in the lebrontourage poll finally lands on the Browns!
  • My take on Colt:
    • He’s a leader. In the “SportsCenter Special: John Gruden’s QB Camp”, Gruden asks him what he’s going to do when he takes over a huddle with veteran lineman who don’t care what some rookie has to say. McCoy’s responds in a dead serious tone: “Same thing I did when I was a freshman at Texas with five senior offensive linemen… Earn their respect.” Gave me chills.
    • He’s a winner. In fact, the winningest QB in college football history.
    • He’s accurate. In fact, the second most accurate QB in college football history – completing just over 70% of his passes over his 4 year career. In his junior year, he completed 77%! That’s absurd. I can’t even do that on Madden.
    • He’s accurate. I know I already said this. Don’t care. I’ve seen Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn misfire on far too many easy slant routs to not mention this twice.
    • He’s got a smoking hot girlfriend.

    Colt McCoy's girlfriend. Can't wait to see her at Browns games.

  • If you’re not completely sold on the Colt McCoy pick, I get it. But the bottom line is that we didn’t “reach” for him. He was the 85th overall pick, so there is no real pressure here. I mean hell, when the Browns drafted Charlie Frye, he was the 67th overall pick! This has got to be an upgrade over that, right?
  • With the last pick on the day, the Browns try to upgrade the offensive line by selecting Shawn Lauvao, an offensive tackle from Arizona State that projects to play guard in the NFL. Apparently he’s gotten poor reviews among the draft websites out there, but the guy was second team All Pac-10 so he can’t be a scrub.
  • An interesting note about this guy is that he is Hawaiian. Hopefully he fares better than former Hawaiian Browns draft picks in David Veikune and Melila Purcell.

So what grade do you give the Browns day 2?

NFL Draft – Second and Third Round Players to Watch

23 04 2010

Heading into Day 2 of the 2010 NFL Draft the Browns are looking to capitalize given the four picks they will have to play with. Here are a couple of players the Browns should consider with the 38th pick overall.

  • Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas– With Kameron Wimbley being traded for a bag of balls the limited pressure the Browns put on the opposing quarterback last season got even weaker. The Browns can start him off only using Kindle on third downs (rushing the QB) until he learns Rob Ryan’s scheme.
  • Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida– Dunlap is very athletic and solid against the run. He would be groomed to take over the space that Robaire Smith and Kenyon Coleman currently handle on the d-line.
  • Colt McCoy, QB, Texas– People were talking about the Browns possibly trade back into the late first round to take Colt but once Clausen started to slip the Browns back off the table. Colt has the accuracy that Holmgren covets but this is still Mangini’s team and Tom Heckert is making the picks.
  • Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame – Mike Holmgren once admitted that he “wished he liked him more” and obviously decided to pass on the golden domer at the seventh pick. But while he may have been cold on Clausen in the first, he may warm up to the idea as a second round pick. Personally, I’m just glad they didn’t trade up into the 20’s to grab him. I don’t think I could have handled the deja-vu.
  • Daryl Washington, OLB, TCU– Early thoughts are that Fujita will be moved to the inside of the Browns line backing core which would still leave a whole at the OLB position. While he lacks good hands his speed and aggressiveness will make him a great addition to the defense.
  • Taylor Mays, S, USC– Stock has only slipped as the draft came closer and closer and now that it is here Mays is going to be taken somewhere in the second round. He has the body and the physical skill set but lacks the football IQ which is so important at the safety position.
  • Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame– Past the glimmer of hope shown by Mohamed Massaquoi, the Browns wide out position is wide open. Tate can be used as more than a wide out (a former running back) if the Browns do choose to go in that direction.
  • Nate Allen, S, South Florida– Allen could give the Browns more of a cover-safety angle with this pick. Allen could give the Brownies a solid young secondary that can be built on throughout the Holmgren-era.
  • Everson Griffen, DE, USC– While he lacks the ideal size for an end in a 3-4 defense, Griffen still seems to have a play-maker mentality and could make a difference in the DE/OLB rotation.
  • Some names to consider in the 3rd Round: Daminan Williams (WR, USC), Myron Lewis (S, Vand.), Brandon Spikes (ILB, Fla.), Alex Carrington (DE, Ark. St.), Eric Norwood (OLB, S. Car.)

Quick Thoughts:

  • Conventional wisdom says the Browns will take a young QB in this draft. Question is: Where? The Browns could take a highly touted guy in Clausen or McCoy. They could also opt to take stab at a late round guy and hope they strike gold — maybe a guy like John Skelton, a big (6’5″ 243lb) QB from Fordham University. I watched a YouTube video of him and the guy has got an absolute cannon; I also had some insider scoop from a Fordham alum that he’s a “weird dude, man. WEIRD dude.” So take that for what its worth.
  • Back to the subject of Clausen/McCoy. Clausen seems to unanimously have the higher grade among scouts. But I don’t care. Consider this one vote for McCoy.
  • McCoy is one of the winningest and most accurate QB’s in college football history. He holds the record of 45 wins in his collegiate career and had completion percentages of 76.7% and 70.6% during his junior and senior years! And after having to sit through frustrating years of Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson misfiring on simple slant routes, I’ve found that I now put accuracy at a premium.
  • Now I would like to see McCoy as the pick at #38, but I wouldn’t be disheartened if the Browns go another direction.
  • The way I look at it is this: Holmgren is considered a quarterback guru, and Heckert was involved in the selection of Kevin Kolb, which appears to have been a good pick — therefore if either take or pass on a quarterback within the first two rounds, it must be for good reason. So if they decide to pass on Colt, I’ll trust their judgment. And if they decide to take him, I’ll be excited for the potential they must see.
  • If they decide to go elsewhere, here are my votes that don’t count for anything: Sergio Kindle, Daryle Washington, Nate Allen, Everson Griffen, or one of the better offensive tackles available in Brown and Saffold.
  • What may stand out there is that I would prefer Nate Allen over Taylor Mays. That may be more of a knock on Mays than an endorsement for Allen. Sure Mays can run faster and jump higher than most of his peers, but according to most scouting reports he lacks “football instincts”, “coverage ability” and “ball skills.” Sorry, but if I’m picking a safety for my team, those are my top 3 priorities. But hey, if I’m picking an All-NFL Olympic Track team, then sign me up for the Mays camp.
  • Not-so-bold-prediction-I’m-predicting: The Browns will make at least two selections in the second round today. The Browns still have 9 picks and a ton of needs. The second round is often a GMs favorite round — you can still get great players, but without the financial ball and chain that comes with a first rounder. Don’t be surprised if they package some of their extra picks (they have three 3rd round picks) in order to make some moves today.

So who do you want to see the Browns get with their first pick in the second round?